Strict Action Against Those Who Smoke In Public

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  • I am tired of inhaling poison. I am tired of inhaling cancer. I am tired of inhaling carbon. Everyone talks about pollution caused by industries and vehicles but no one is much concerned about the people who daily inhale smoke of cigarettes. Students, senior citizens and even infants are taking-in harmful smoke particles. Do we want our generation to be a generation of cancer patients? Do we want to suffer from asthma? 
  • Tobacco smoke contains around 7,000 chemicals, made up of particles and gases, over 50 of which are known to cause cancer. Second-hand smoke has been confirmed as a cause of lung cancer in humans by several leading health authorities.
  • Compounds such as ammonia, sulfur and formaldehyde irritate the eyes, nose, throat and lungs. These compounds are especially harmful to people with respiratory conditions such as bronchitis or asthma. Exposure to second-hand smoke can either trigger or worsen symptoms.
  • Pregnant women, school going children and infants are the worst affected. Please go through the link below :
  • There are laws prohibiting people from smoking in public. Sadly, our government is nothing but a spectator to this nasty act. People smoke on the footpaths, in buses, outside tea stalls without any shame. It is high time our government takes strict action against these barbaric people who have no concern about others. 

The choice is ours. We have to decide. We have to power to say 'no' to such atrocities. We do not owe any duty or obligation to tolerate these boorish people.

It is enough now. I have to right to clean air.