We need Pathole Free Roads in Bengaluru

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With Karnataka (Bangalore contributing the most) being the 2nd/3rd highest tax paying state in India and state with the highest road taxes for vehicles in India, it sadly has the worst roads in India. 
There are at-least 15000 potholes in Bangalore, most of which are life threatening. In the last several days, at-least 4 people have lost their lives owing to poor road conditions. The size of the potholes increase when there is torrential rain. The quality of tar laid is very poor even when there is a new road laid. The height and strength of tar is very poor and needs to be looked into. 
The average speed in Bangalore City is less than 6 kmph and this amounts to several hours of productivity lost for millions of people who commute to work on a daily basis.    
1. Identify all the potholes and fix the potholes.
If the entire stretch of road is poor, lay a new road. The data on the list of potholes should be made public. 
2. Quality of road work done by contractors must be audited.
Newly laid roads end up having potholes in less than 1 week.
3. Improve/introduce a drainage system at both sides of all roads to solve water logging.
When there is rain, water level is about 3-4 feet high which makes it impossible to walk or ride a 2 wheeler. Cars get stuck and potentially have a chance of totaling due to water damage.
4. Provide an action plan, an ETA to fix the roads with timely updates made public.