I Need your Support for a Garbage Free Bengaluru.

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IS THIS THE BENGALURU YOU WANT? This is a picture taken today morning in Halasuru, just a couple of kiolmetres from the world famous M G Road. Today, there is nobody in Bengaluru who is unaffected by garbage. From the stink of uncleared waste dumps to the infectious possibilities of waste and the cesspools of wet garbage... we have seen it all. Is there hope? Today, there are solid examples of cities which have beaten this problem. With the collective action of just a fraction of its citizens, there are towns, cities which have said “Yes, we can. What does it take? Strict administration & then, each and every concerned citizen's right action count. Be it the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, where citizens are doing a cleanup act themselves, or mapping garbage spots using the phone App, or signing this petition, people are making a difference. What can you do? First, sign the petition now. Then get all at home to do the same. Finally, share the petition. This petition along with your comments and suggestions is delivered to our BBMP requesting them to take required  actions. Let's save our beautiful city.... Our Bengaluru. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!