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Ban shark fin soup in restaurants in your city.

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Every year, an estimated 73 million sharks are finned for shark fin soup. There is overwhelming evidence that clearly shows the practice of shark finning is extremely cruel, unsustainable and environmentally destructive. It easily ranks as the world's most cruel harvesting practice as million upon millions of sharks are brutally slaughtered. Their fins sliced from their bodies and then thrown overboard to be slowly picked apart by crabs and other bottom scavengers. ALL WHILE STILL ALIVE! It is torture, agony, pain and suffering that is beyond comprehension. We all know what it is like to feel pain .... sharks are no different. They suffer as we all do. That is why we must band together to END their suffering ..... to take back our environment and send a clear message that we will not tolerate the destruction of our aquatic resources. That we LOVE OUR CHILDREN and we will FIGHT FOR THEM!! So they may have a better tomorrow that includes sharks. Why must you sign and share this????? Because shark fin soup is going to be the leading cause of oceanic resource collapse. As sharks are removed, it triggers a phenomenon known as trophic cascading in which the food chain is disrupted from the top apex consumers, downward. As delicate and interdependent food webs begin to come unravelled, a wobble effect widens the gaps until systematic collapse takes place. We have begun to see many of the negative effects of removing sharks in many parts of the world and decisive corrective action is required immediately. We know that shark finning is not sustainable and it is completely environmentally destructive. Any elected official who does not vigorously fight against shark fin soup is selling the future of your children down the river. Making a deal with the devil over the almighty dollar or a vote. If we sit back and watch .... the destructors of our earth will never stop. It is time that they "talk to the hand". We will not sell out our children ... we will fight for their future by fighting for sharks ..... and council of St Catharines .... if you do not choose to support us in our opposition to the world's most disgusting, cruel, unsustainable and morally wrong issue (aka Shark fin soup "The soup to die for") .... then we will show you that the people of the world care enough about our sharks to petition you. In light of overwhelming evidence of the unsustainability of shark finning, the environmental damage it causes and in the interest of abolishing the world's most cruel harvesting practice ...... shark advocate groups from around the world are officially sending you a clear message to ban shark fin soup in the city of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

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