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Greenlight "Batman Beyond" Season 4

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Hello DCAU staff, specially Bruce, Paul and Alan. We have heard that you three made and developed the Batman Beyond TV series, one of the best TV series of Batman in whole time.

A continuation/follow-up of Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures, this series was one of the best shows of the apparently extinct DC Animated Universe, but was abandoned for make Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, despite that the Kids' WB announced plans for a fourth season. NOOOOO!

For that reason, we try to convince you three for make a new season for Batman Beyond with Will Friedle reprising his heroic role of Tery McGinnis. The season could contain many plot points didn't used in previous seasons, like Killer Croc's return, Royal Flush Gang/Walker Family's return, Mad Hatter's return, Scarecrow's return, Blight's return, Baby-Doll's return, Two-Face's return, Catwoman's return, etc. Please, make more Batman Beyond! The series finale could be an double-lenght special with a similar storyline to The Dark Knight Returns (it's only an idea, je je je!).

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