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Urging anti-Golden State Warriors Campaign Funders to Reveal Identities and Intentions

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An Open Letter to Bruce Spaulding of the Mission Bay “Alliance”:

Your organization, an anonymous 501c4 calling itself the “Mission Bay Alliance,” has apparently been formed to kill the Golden State Warriors’ sports and entertainment center in San Francisco.

This so-called “Alliance” has revealed its goal to tie up the Warriors in red tape, but it refuses to reveal who is funding the campaign. It’s like a ransom note without a signature.

We want to know: Who is really behind this well-funded scheme? So far, it’s shrouded in secrecy. Why won’t your “Alliance” disclose who is bankrolling this 11th-hour anti-Warriors campaign?

We are a broad coalition of neighbors, community-based organizations, small business owners, fans and ordinary San Franciscans who support the Warriors’ move to Mission Bay. 

Unlike your organization, there is nothing new or mysterious about this project. It is the result of months of open, above-board dialogue and community planning. In a larger sense, it is the result of many years of public planning for our neighborhood. Many of us have been participants in this extensive public process, which has shaped the Warriors’ project so that it meets the community’s needs, for several years.

We are especially troubled by reports that your “Alliance” seeks to wrestle the land from the Warriors and “land bank” it. We have lived with a barren plot of asphalt on that land for long enough; we want the benefits this project will bring to our city and our neighborhood, including the public amenities and the public park on the waterfront.  

We’ve worked hard to bring the Warriors to San Francisco, and we deserve to know who is trying to kill this effort now.

We are urging the funders of the anti-Warriors campaign to come out of the shadows and reveal your true identities. Who are you? What do you stand to gain? Why are you remaining anonymous?

We have provided our names, now tell us yours’.  The public deserves to know who you are and why you are spending so much money to fight against us and our Community.



Dr. Neal Ushman, Mission Bay Neighbor
Yvette Ushman, Mission Bay Neighbor  
Dan Searby, Mission Bay Neighbor
Cathy Searby, Mission Bay Neighbor
Jack Fahnestock, Mission Bay Neighbor
Vanessa Aquino, Dogpatch Neighbor                  
Scott Van Horn, Dogpatch Neighbor
Jamie Carter, Dogpatch Neighbor
Ray Nyden, Potrero Hill Neighbor
Shireen Nyden, Potrero Hill Neighbor
Leah Pimentel, Bayview Neighbor
Pawtrero, Potrero Hill Small Business
Shamann Walton, Young Community Developers
Kim Kobasic, Small Business Owner and Potrero Hill Neighbor
Bruce Agid, Mission Bay Neighbor and Vice-President District 6 Democratic Club*
Patrick Valentino, Vice President South Beach Mission Bay Merchants Association 

(*affiliations for identification purposes only)

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