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Remove Police Chief George Filenko

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Unqualified Police Chief George Filenko (Illinois) is the chief of police for the Village of Round Lake Park and the former Commander for the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force.

Filenko was directly involved and the lead interrogation officer with the 2011 conviction of daycare worker Melissa Calusinski, after his 9 hour brutal interrogation of Calusinski (a documented person of mental disability) lead to her confessing to the crime which later Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd publicly stated medical evidence completely contradicts and vindicates her.

The interrogation videos can be viewed in their entirety online, as well as the two compelling 48 Hours documentaries on Melissa and her brutal false confession.

Filenko was the lead investigator while as commander of LCMCTF in the Charles GI JOE Gliniewicz suicide which cost taxpayers millions of dollars in a fabricated manhunt that terrorized lake county.

The fabricated manhunt later produced the 2017 federal lawsuit for illegal seizures of several men while an unlawful police dragnet ripped subjects from the street and illegally swabbed their mouths for DNA, all while regardless of LCMCTF alleged having direct information that Gliniewicz had killed himself at the start of the investigation with Filenko's direct knowledge.

Filenko is further involved in a current federal lawsuit in where several of his police officers claim he set their body camera functions to record them while in they used the bathroom, both defacating and doing other personal grooming.

There is no credible records of George Filenko going through the illinois testing / hiring process for police officer and in his late 40's he was a dispatcher (who was named in another harassment lawsuit) who was appointed to part time police officer in order to use political connections to be appointed to the office of chief of police and commander for Lake Count Major Crimes Task Force.

While as Chief of Police for Round Lake Park, Filenko was alllegedly ordered to anger management in 2008 by the Village board (no records of training completed) and was sued again by a female police officer, and lost, for harassment.

To date Filenko has had approximately twenty police officer and civilian staff leave the Round Lake Park Police Department, without exit interviewing, citing hostile work environment and harassment.

Filenko is alleged to endorse the illegal arrests against the village's minority population, under illegal village ordinance laws which directly contradict state statute.

Filenko uses police authority with the village board to hire personal connections at the highest level tier pay and allows command staff to watch pornography on duty on department equipment as well as allows command staff / subordinates intimate relationships between his officers.

His alleged personal connection to Lake County State's Attorney Mike Nerheim has protected Filenko's gross misconduct and corruption.

Mayor Linda Lucassen of the village of Round Lake Park has been called on to take action and immediately remove George Filenko from his office and we ask you to support his immediate removal before any further actions of police misconduct occur. 

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