Petition of Clemency for My Rights

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Hello My name is Ramy Shawket, Back in 2013 I was arrested for marijuana charges less than a half pound of marijuana. They charged me with manufacturing and delivering, I have never manufactured cannabis. Myself and friends used to put our money together so we can buy it together it would be cheaper. I served my time in pontiac correctional center but I still feel like I'm behind bars. I have been driving a truck for 3 years I currently own my own truck for the past 2 years also just bought my 2nd truck so I can support myself and my family. I have been offered a great contract for work now and before but i wasn't capable of accepting the contract due to the background check. If anyone can please help I have never killed nor stole to be punished like this I have learned from my mistakes and I have bettered myself. I am a very succeeding business owner that's looking to expand my career further with the help of citizens please and thank you in advance. God bless you're hearts.