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LGBTI refugees in Kenya are in dester and despire

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My Letter to the LGBTI community all over the world ,

1) Like the Courage in it, we emerged from the ashes of shame and despair and re-created a new community . From a broken heart to shattered relationships, we have gone public on our testimony rendering gossip and rumour-mongering useless. I have dealt with past, a permanent blow and opened a new chapter of fresh life. My literally re-written story starting all over again from ground zero.

2) No doubt I wrestled with God on painful events unfolding in my life and questioned, ‘Why me?’ But again, who would i have wanted to have gone through what l went through? Realize that the more gifted I am, the greater the attacks. No one knows my doubts that i am a very gifted vessel. The higher the calling, the tougher the battle field. The enemy hardly bothers the ungifted. They pose no real threat to my collapsing LGBTI community .

3) Irrespective of the battles behind and ahead of our community, we expected to win. We expected to break through the darkest depressions and cross the finishing line. We are waited for at the finishing line.we must finish the race and finish strong. There’s a precious prize ahead – press on! Keep your eye on the finishing line, not on circumstances around your life journey.

4) That said, let me remind you that our greatness will only be revealed by what you do for others. We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. Our life will never be judged by the harvest we reap, but by the seeds you sow. Outlive your life by doing something that cannot be erased from history.

5) Nothing shakes hell than when we get out there and rescue a soul. I now urge you to launch a structured program for the emotional healing of the LGBTI community . Reach out to high LGBTI communites and low LGBTI communities and equip them with practical life skills of navigating through the turbulent waters of youthfulness. Curve their legacy on those boys hearts, not on tombstones. Do not be fooled to imagine legacy is built when one retires. We are writing our legacy right now.

6) Your 5-minutes’ testimony may inspire single LGBTI boys and girls than my one-hour sermon or inspirational speech. Reach out to them and testify that it is possible to still get our dreams, marriage even with good farmlies from previous relationships. Let those who’ve lost their faith in Christ know it is still possible to be restored and exercise their gift once more for God is the God of a second chance. And His gifts are irrevocable.

7) That which was supposed to kill the LGBTI community became our livelihood and instrument of glory. Due to the stigma then associated with HIV/AIDS, our own people wrote this off and even prepared our grave. 4 years back, From Heartbreak to Daybreak and UNHCR, not only have they defied death by the grace of God but have not inspired hope to millions of the infected and affected around the LGBTI community both camp and Nairobi Kenya.

8) I urge you too please, to turn our bitter lemon into sweat lemonade. Nothing happens for the sake. God allows some to go through tougher situations for a tougher but more glorious mission. Begin to connect the dots. Refuse to live a conventional professional life from pay-cheque to pay-cheque. Borrow a leaf from other people's life, "here we come"Live for a higher cause than your academic qualifications and professional expertise and experience.

9)We find the courage to connect with other LBGTI community purpose. Our true joy and fulfillment are intrinsically bound to your unique purpose. Until we align who you are with what you do, the meaning of our peculiar life journey will never be realized and optimized.We Trust the Lord who has held our hands thus far to be able to guide our step-by-step through a higher calling. We are humble enough to work with a God-fearing life coach or a trusted mentor.

10) This is my third letter, written on the 25th day of 2018 at 3:59pm – do not waste it. Your destiny is something worth fighting for. You only get one life. Do not betray it! When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top. May you flourish in every good way from the hills of Nairobi Kenya and pass my love to the lovely LGBTI community all over the world.

With Love,

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