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Include Endometriosis as qualified condition for Illinois MMJ licensing

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Endometriosis is an incurable and debilitating gynecological condition that effects 1 in 10 women. It occurs when the endometrial tissue that normally lines the uterus grows outside of the uterus, causing lesions and internal bleeding that is excruciatingly painful (it is often compared to child birth). Endometriosis can spread to the bladder, colon, intestines, liver, lungs and even the brain. It is also one of the top 3 leading causes of infertility. Side effects include pelvic pain, abdominal pain, pain during intercourse and pelvic examination, lower back pain, pain during urination and bowel movements, irregular periods, chronic fatigue, severe nausea, IBS, mood swings, anxiety and seizures (when Endometriosis spreads to the brain).

Treatments for the condition include surgery, hormone therapy and pain medication. Pain medication not only causes impairment and dependence, it causes severe constipation which worsens symptoms, depression and other unwanted side effects. Medical marijuana can greatly improve the quality of life for patients suffering from Endometriosis and other gynecological disorders as it treats both pain and inflammation, without harmful side effects. It helps increase appetite for those whose Endometriosis has spread to their intestines, colon and liver; It relieves the intense nausea associated with Endometriosis; It relaxes those who suffer from anxiety due to Endometriosis. It treats seizures in those whose Endometriosis has spread to their brain. The list goes on.

All women should be able to get medical marijuana to treat Endometriosis. It will greatly improve their quality of life by relieving pain, improving their symptoms and treating inflammation. 

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