Improve Gun Safety in Chicago

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We wish to improve the gun safety in Chicago and the surrounding area. The high level of gun violence that occurs everyday shows that gun laws need to be more enforced.

We are not asking to limit Americans’ right to own firearms, but to make sure the correct laws are in place to reduce gun violence in Chicago. Everyone who lives in the Chicago area needs the elected officials to do everything in their power to make sure the laws are followed and enforced. While Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in place, the city has an increasing rate of violence and fatal results.

Last year there was a huge increase in the homicide rate. The rate was 27.7 compared at 17.5 in 2015. 61% of these crimes are gun homicides. This data shows that the current gun laws need to be enforced more to bring down the number of crimes each year. The current requirements of needing a firearms owners identification card and a Chicago firearms permit are good steps in the process of getting a gun. The training class that is apart of the CFP should be a few days, instead of just 4 hours of classroom training and 1 hour of training at the fire range, so people really learn everything about guns and the right way to handle firearms.

We believe that more steps for buying a firearm should be put into place. The more that gun buyers are put through could help reduce the number of guns being put into the wrong hands. There should be an extensive mental health test put into place as well. This test should be conducted every few months. Harsher sentences should be imposed for those who have had previous weapons arrests. If these are put into place and enforced, this could help decrease the number of incidents involving guns. We hope you will have the chance to read this petition and consider the points we made to make Chicago safer for everyone.

Emma Mrozinski, Emma Wilson, Gabby Basisty, and Kayla Mohrbacher

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