Give the education funding bill another chance to be passed.

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I want the education funding bill to be passed to better our communities and further our education's.  

A change in the school system would not just affect one community, but all because every kid would obtain the resources they require to achieve and would be given the same level of an education as anyone else. I believe everyone should be given a legitimate chance, but some people are not given that, and this bill has the power to change that for some. This bill has the power to end the vicious cycle of underfunding and make our communities and economy as a whole better.

The education funding bill was designed to clear the way for a major overhaul of how the state distributes dollars to public schools. This bill would prioritize poor and needy schools by sending more state funds to districts without local property wealth to fund to support students' learning. This bill also had some benefits for teachers like their retirement funds would be covered by the state, and the local tax rate would be raised so that will bring in more money for schools.  Sadly this bill was vetoed by Bruce Rauner. While legislators rewrite the bill because of Rauner's veto it could mean struggling schools would need to wait even longer for the funding they need.  with this petition, I want to get the education funding bill passed to change the lives of so many for the better.