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Defamation of character being protected by Illinois laws and statutes.

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Petition. Today I ask my Facebook family, especially those residing in Illinois, to come together and help assist me & others in changing a statue that's crippling & defaming the name(s) & livelihoods of so many in this state.
730ILCS Violent Offenders Against Youth Registration Act.
Now most are unfamiliar w/ this statue. I'll briefly explain it, but for further research please feel free to Google search for its proper description. With that said, the state of Illinois (Lisa Madigan) came up with a statue to help assist ensnaring those who committed cases believed to be precursors to a "sexual" crime. In laymen terms, those affected & now being told to register as violent offenders are only being required to register because the case they committed was believed to be 1 that could've possibly led to a "sexual act".
I was found guilty of an attempt murder in 1999, I was 18, my victim was 17. Because I was legally an adult & he was legally a minor, the state of Illinois "labeled" me a sex offender for 6mos. It was then placed on me to contact the state's attorney who handled my case, have them review it, then find that it "wasn't sexually motivated". Once this was done, I was taken off the "sex offender registry" they had placed me on. 2010 I came home. 2012 I was residing in Country Club Hills. I came home 1 day to find a door tag, 1 like a DO NOT DISTURB sign hanging on my door. On the door tag were the words "Sex Offender". I called the police station, inquired how this came about, explained No Sex Offenders reside here. Only to be told they didn't have 1 that said Violent Offender. From that day forward, I stopped registering. I was offended. And I'm now fighting a felony because of this. I tried suing for defamation of character. No lawyer would take on fighting the state of Illinois.
It's now my belief that if we build numbers. Create a class action suit. We'll then be heard & felt by the powers that be. So PLEASE share, because I promise you, this is not only my problem. It affects a lot of us. And legally it's against the law to defame anyone's character, yet the law protects it. Makes no sense, I know. But it's a reality. So please help me to inform & bring change to a system that's unjust and unfounded

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