Convince Illinois Legislation to pass more laws requiring DNA testing.

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Juan Rivera was just a 19 year old man residing in Lake County, until 1992, when he was arrested, tried, and convicted for the rape and murder of Holly Staker, an 11 year old girl. He was tried thrice, once in 1993, then 1998, and then 2009. A pivotal point that had won the trials in the favor of the prosecution on Rivera's alleged shoes, which were coated in the blood of the victim; but, the shoes used as evidence were not available to purchase until after Holly was killed, and, later DNA testing revealed that there were other bodily fluids in the blood that did not belong to Rivera. With the help of this he was exonerated, but because of negligence and inability to use the available DNA testing properly, Rivera lost 20 years if his life to the criminal justice system. We need to make sure this doesn't happen again. DNA testing is a gift from science, and we need to use it. No man, woman or child should have to suffer in prison for a crime they didn't commit when we have the ability to prove that they didn't. With the help of your signatures, and your support, I believe we can send this petition to Governor Rauner and the State Senate, and really change lives for some unfortunate people.


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