Clemency for Young Father

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Brandon McMahon is a young man who had a hard childhood due to his father not being in the picture. With that being said, he chased acceptance in his peers, even if he didn't make the best choices. His grandfather was the only father figure he had growing up. In 2013, his grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer. At this point, Brandon shut down and began running with the wrong crowd. To numb his emotions about the situation, he turned to drugs and parties which led to an unfortunate situation that landed him in jail. Although there was no evidence other than eye-witness testimonies, he was charged with a crime that would change his life forever. The “eye-witnesses” could not describe what Brandon looked like or what he was wearing and there was no firearm found nor was he in possession of one during the time of arrest. He has personally apologized to the victim and his family because he feels terrible for how everything played out. He also prays for the family everyday, despite the things that are said to and about him. Thank you in advance to any signatures. Our daughters and I would love to have him home for the holidays and to create family memories. Our daughters’ father deserves another chance. Please help bring him home. Included in this petition is Brandon’s message:


“My name is Brandon McMahon. I’m 24 years old and I am currently incarcerated for aggravated battery with a firearm. I was given twenty years for an open plea. I could have been given anything between six and thirty years. Although my situation was seen as a crime, it was a form of self defense. I was surrounded by other men my age who were threatening me with firearms. However, there was not enough evidence to prove my side of the story. I do, nonetheless, feel terrible for the way the situation played out. I pray everyday for the well-being of the victim and his family. I take full responsibility for my part in the incident. I am currently in the works of getting married and have two small children. In my early years, I had an unusual childhood which made it hard to grow up. I did get into some trouble along the way because I was unable to deal with the feelings that still resided, but this was an honest mistake. During my incarceration, I have taken many different classes to better myself from who I was before, including classes to get my associates in business, and I am currently signed up for parenting classes to help me become a better father to my daughters. I have made a complete turn around in my life since the incident happened. I have an amazing family as a support system and actually have a plan for my future that does not include any of the people I was associated with. Right now I’m just praying for another opportunity to go home to my wife and kids, make a difference in the world, and be there for the ones that I love. I am not the same 20 year old kid that I was before. I am just asking for the chance to prove it. Please help me obtain 1,000 signatures to attach to my clemency.”


Brandon McMahon

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