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Reduce UI administration costs to save grad fellowships and increase funds for TAs/RAs/Adjuncts.

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The amount of money the University of Iowa pays an ever-increasing number of administrators while simultaneously cutting programs, failing to adequately support TAs/RAs/Adjuncts, and eliminating fellowships for traditionally underrepresented groups is unacceptable.

We believe that the University of Iowa, at minimum, needs to "freeze" or reduce salaries and other lucrative fringe benefits administrators receive. For example, in 2011, UI President Sally Mason collected an additional $455,000 in deferred-compensation, largely paid for by tuition and tax revenue. By making the budget less 'top heavy' there will be more money available to adequately fund educators and researchers across campus.

Further, among numerous other potential changes, such as reducing the number of administrative positions currently in existence at the University of Iowa, we believe that the faculty senate and student senates on campus should vote to approve all newly created administrative positions in the future.

As current and former members of the University of Iowa community and advocates for public education, we can at least begin working toward change by collectively expressing our concerns to the administration.

The high cost of university administration is a problem at institutions of higher education across the nation. The University of Iowa has a chance to become the leader in reversing this unfortunate trend.

 Here is a sample of UI Administration Salaries FY 2014:

Sally Mason, President: $521,403.00

Patrick Butler, Vice President & Provost: $399,852.50

Douglas True, Senior Vice President: $395,450.04

Sarah Gardial, Dean: $389,702.46

Sue Curry, Dean: $386,963.96

Chaden Djalali, Dean: $333,189.92

David Johnsen, Dean: $327,933.00

Gail Agrawal, Dean:  $323,859.00

Milan Sanka, Associate Dean: $322,606.73

Mark Hingtgen, Assistant Vice President: $321,893.84

Donna Hammond, Associate Dean: $315,999.96

David Spalding, Dean: $314,943.18

Alec Scranton, Dean: $312,624.96

Arthur Bonfield, Associate Dean: $311,548.04

Mark Henrichs, Assistant Vice President: $306,575.17

Raul Curto, Associate Dean: $301,654.96  

Marlynne Ingram, Associate Provost: $295,496.22

Christine Miller, Assistant Vice President: $294,027.03

Nicholas Colangelo, Dean: $292,125.00

Donald Letendre, Dean: $289,912.50

Kurt Anstreicher, Dean: $263,303.00

Terry Johnson, Associate Vice President: $255,741.08

Galen Schneider, Associate Dean: $253,419.10

Stacy Cyphert, Assistant Vice President: $245,959.96

Thomas Rocklin, Vice President: $243,280.00

Joseph Kearny, Associate Dean: $241,772.04

Keri Hornbucke, Associate Dean:  $240,886.61

Susan Buckley, Vice President Human Resources: $235,944.04

Rita Frantz, Dean: $233,163.00

Clark Stanford, Associate Dean: $232,728.28

Donald Guckert, Associate Vice President: $230,062.47

Michael Kanellis, Associate Dean: $227,465.04

Mark Braun, Chief of Staff: $223,150.00

Scott Arneson, Associate Dean: $221,709.12

Patricia Winokur, Associate Dean: $217,920.32

Donald Szeszycki, Associate Vice President: $216,641.56

Eric Anderson, Associate Dean: $216,315.00



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