New GO Stop at Park Lawn

The concentration of density in the south Etobicoke condominiums without appropriate consideration for improved transportation infrastructure is one of the top three planning blunders currently imposed on city residents. At the same time, the anachronistic Mimico Go station serves exclusively a tiny residential neighbourhood with a few dozen parking spaces and feeder transit that's laughable in its inadaquacy. This leaves South Etobicoke residents along the Lakeshore, Queensway and Park Lawn, as well as in the condos, crammed into irregularly scheduled, overcrowded streetcars that waddle down Queen or King or sitting stopped on their own neighbourhood streets in traffic exacerbated by the pathetic highway reconstruction project on the Gardiner.
To put a Go station at Park Lawn to reduce congestion is a solution so obvious that to even question it shows a profound lack of judgement.

Keith Winn, Toronto, Canada
5 years ago
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