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No More Foxtails - Mow the Cuesta Park Annex Now!

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Dear Mr. Hurlburt;  Dog lovers of Mountain View thank you for creating and supporting safe, sensible areas for responsible off-leash dog walking in our city.  We know that off-leash dogs are not consistent with all multi-use areas, and having dedicated off-leash areas has made it possible for our citizens two and four-legged alike to enjoy their tax-funded parks to the fullest.

As you know, the largest and most used off-leash area is the Cuesta Park Annex. Unfortunately, with the heavy rains, the fox tails are already out in full force. We understand the current plan is to wait to mow until after Shoreline Park has been done, and likely not until mid or late April. If mowing the Annex is delayed much past the next two weeks, it is likely the dog park will be unsafe for dogs through the fall.  This means two things:

  1. Dogs who do walk there will be injured and require surgery or worse. Last summer, late mowing led to many injured dogs (the petition creator knows of at least half a dozen that required surgery), and therefore suffering by dogs and expensive vet bills for their people.  
  2. Dog walkers looking to avoid dog injuries will start using school fields and other park areas not intended for off-leash dog use. Also, the "bowl" at Cuesta Park proper is not a suitable alternative because the:  (a) sheer volume of dogs would be too great, and some dogs simply can't handle being in a contained swarm; (b)  squirrels around the park draw dogs out of the bowl and across footpaths (they aren't running around in the Annex because the squirrels know better); and (3) bowl already hosts puppy classes and is best used for specific off-leash training activities, with which off-leash play interferes.

Waiting until mid or late April as proposed will mean that we have a park that is unsafe for the intended use for nearly 6 months. That simply does not make sense.  We, the undersigned, respectfully ask that the City re-prioritize the mowing of the Annex to advance to an earlier date the scheduled March 27 meeting with the mowing contractor and to mow the Annex before Shoreline (where dogs are not allowed and so the presence of foxtails is benign), ideally within the next two weeks.

Respectfully yours, 

Mountain View Dogs, and their taxpaying families.

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