More Dog Parks in Seattle Neighborhoods

More Dog Parks in Seattle Neighborhoods

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Bruce Harrell (Mayor of Seattle)

Why this petition matters

Started by Aerin Sizelove

Seattle is supposed to be one of the most dog friendly cities in America, yet there are very few off-leash dog parks in Seattle. I live in Upper Queen Anne in fact and most people use Queen Anne Playground (Children's park & Baseball Field) to allow their dogs off leash.  This is not really very ideal as we need a proper fenced in park for dogs only in this neighborhood with a small dog area included as well.

What this petition aims to do is organize public support of more off leash fenced in dog parks in Seattle neighborhoods.  The truth is there has been a large increase in new dogs and puppies, especially since Covid-19 began.  There is a lot of concern that people may not keep dogs as they go back to work if those dogs have not been able to be properly socialized.  In addition children shouldn't be forced to share their parks with large groups of unleashed dogs, this does not seem very safe nor sanitary.

This petition is to gather signatures of people who believe we should have more community dog parks built in unused local park areas which are easily accessed by neighborhood populations.

1. Set up neighborhood or city public forums to gain feedback on the projected projects.

2. Collaborate with Seattle Parks and Recs to designate parks in neighborhoods where there is no off leash fenced dog park available.

3. Draft building plans and budget costs for the projects once approved (per neighborhood)

Let me know if you have feedback or questions. The more support we have the more we can change for the better!


Aerin Sizelove & Layla 

18 have signed. Let’s get to 25!