Stop cancellation of 443 and 444 from 4070 to Brisbane City

im signing this because there needs to be a 444 bus and this is just ridiculous your considering cutting this bus line.. the govermnet try encourage people to catch public transport so there are less cars on the road yet your wanting to stop a bus that 95% of the time is soo full i cant even get a seat? if the 444 bus got stopped just in my family household there would be FIVE cars on the just from this bus been stopped.. cut the busses near traain stations because thoses people can catch trains.. why cut a bus off witch is always full of people and no other way of transport other then cars.. ( this will case alot more iligal driving as people will have to drive licenced or not becuase there are no busses.
campbell newman how about you cut the bus of near your house and how about you cut the bus hat gets your daughter to school or would that inconvenate you?

im the type of person who diesnt really mind whos running the place as long as its liveabel and campbel newman you fucked it up last time and i was a bit to young to really relize how and now seeing how you run things id never ever vote for you you have stupid polacies and they seem to be what suits you and your family and fuck everybody else well hey your ment to be looking after more then that so consider all the people and not just yousefl your like a selfish 5 year old...

bozena kelly, Australia
9 years ago
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