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This petition relates to an African-Scottish CHILD A who has been in care from age 2 and now 7yrs 7mths. Mum requested for help from Glasgow Social Services for temporary residence for CHILD A as she was feeling sickly and hospitalised. CHILD A was placed with a short-term foster carer and was visiting mother every week as facilitated by a caseworker. Mum left the hospital after 6 weeks as cleared by her doctor but from 2014 to date, the Glasgow Social Services has refused to continue the rehabilitation of CHILD A and mother which commenced in the summer of 2014.

A 2015 report by a specialist doctor after over 16 meetings with stakeholders indicted the Glasgow Social Services of many failings and also noted a letter from the short-term foster carer to the new caseworker allocated to CHILD A in winter of 2014 to ''undermine any future relationship between CHILD A and his mum'' This report was submitted in November 2015 to Glasgow Children Reporter. The Glasgow Children Reporter also have records of the Glasgow Social Services and the short-term carer disobeying court orders in relation to contacts between CHILD A and mother (including failing to read mum's letters to CHILD A for 8 months) but the Child panel has done little to address these failings in the best interest of CHILD A.

The last straw was a message sent to UK Immigration by the Glasgow Social Services indicating that CHILD A has been adopted and which made the UK Immigration to issue a direction for mother to leave the UK (obviously without her child) but we have fought this successfully at the Immigration Tribunal. Mum had also been evicted and made homeless but that had also been fought successfully at the Tribunal. Prior to this, the short-term carer had indicated her interest to the caseworker to adopt CHILD A but this never progressed beyond records. There has been legal process on adoption. 

It is very clear that the caseworker and the short-term foster carer (whom we believed to have CHILD A as her first foster child) have manipulated the system and the Glasgow Children Reporter, despite having a detailed report of this information and several failings as indicated above has refused to address them but only ordered another report which was done in less than 48 hours because the caseworker/short-term carer disagree with the extensive report submitted in November 2015. Several unsubstantiated allegations have also been made against mum including a recent Notre Dame report indicating that the center was informed by the Glasgow Social Services that CHILD A was investigated by the police at about age 2 but which the mum, the reporters, specialist doctors and other support workers and the Child Panel were not aware as it has never been mentioned. It is now claimed that CHILD A has some medical conditions which he never experienced while with and in contact with mum.

We care for CHILD A as every other child and of course the mum. No child should be ripped from his/her parent for convenience or for financial purposes. The law is clear about this. All complaints lodged by mum had met a brick wall. 

We are now calling on Bruce Adamson, the Children and Young People's Commissioner and all other stakeholders to wade into this as a matter of urgency.