The Federal Government needs to pay for diabetes medication and supplies!

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The government provides no cost Methadone to drug addicts. Users of crack, meth, heroin and other drugs can rest assured that when, and if, they want to rid themselves of their addiction, it will not cost them anything, regardless of how many times they try and fail!

Millions of Americans are afflicted with diabetes in which most people can't afford the medications and supplies they need to live! The drug manufacturers rape us and our insurance companies with high cost medicine that only the wealthiest of people can afford, while middle and low class families suffer the damaging effects of uncontrolled diabetes resulting in severe health issues leading up to, and including, death.

We all know the government throws hundreds of millions of dollars at these drug rehab programs to provide these addicts a no-cost solution to their drug problems.

I would like to submit a petition to the government demanding that they start a federally funded program to provide no-cost diabetic medications and supplies to ever diabetic in our country who is trying to survive this disease and live a healthier life, but is unable to because of the outrageous costs of the medicine (even with insurance).

Please join me and sign this petition!