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With declining profits in recent years, Brown Broadcasting Services has decided that it is time to put 95.5 WBRU FM, one of Providence, Rhode Island's only alternative radio stations, up for sale. Their ideas for carrying the station onward involve turning the station as it's known today - one of the best alternative radio stations in the country, an integral part of the Providence music scene, and as touted by "Rolling Stone", "one of the 10 radio stations in the country that doesn't suck" - into an online streaming service. This would effectively kill the impact WBRU has on the music scene, as almost nobody streams radio online.

Growing up in Rhode Island, WBRU played a huge part in my upbringing. The station exposed me to so much music and so many artists that I never would have heard about otherwise. It's been my connection to the national music culture, and I'm one of thousands of people that see it the same way. Most of the students behind the microphone at WBRU are not Rhode Island natives, so they don't have the history like we do to understand why the station matters so much, both to us and to the music industry at large.

If 95.5 was to be bought out and changed, Providence would not only lose a cultural touchstone for many Rhode Islanders, it would also lose the business that accrues from alternative bands and indie groups booking shows in the city. Record companies also wouldn't want to put their music on an streamed version of WBRU, as there are thousands of music streamers, and 95.5 would quickly be lost in the crowd. The radio station as myself and all of Rhode Island have come to know it would fade away.

With this petition, I want to show Brown Broadcasting Services who they're hurting with the sale of 95.5 WBRU FM. I want them to see everybody in Rhode Island that cares deeply about the providence music scene and all the good that WBRU does for it by being a radio station, not an online streaming service. Will the board change its mind? I can't say. However, I want this petition to make them understand how much WBRU is really worth - not in dollars, but in culture and community for all of Rhode Island.


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