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Broward County State Attorney Michael Satz: We request Another Grand Jury & Prosecutor into Murder of Linda Sue Davis by BSO Deputy Vincent Ciacciarelli

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A grave injustice has been committed allowing a BSO Deputy to shoot a 60 year old senior citizen in the back multiple times and it be deemed justifiable. I am requesting another grand jury hearing because of the corruption that takes place within the Broward County justice system. Please understand that I am prepared to move mountains to get one! A murderer in uniform should not be let off the hook and back on the streets to kill again. A conspiring prosecutor should not be trying cases of her "good friends". Through a series of falsified and exaggerated police reports, and police abuses of the Baker Act they are trying to get away with labeling my mother a "mentally disturbed" person -- I believe that she was targeted and eventually killed by a racist and corrupt justice system that allows harassment of people who may indeed need to be helped in more compassionate policing instead of the shoot to kill ideology that Deputy Ciacciarelli has used in the past and in this case with my mother.  It's a hurting thing to lose your mother--but to have her taken away at the hands of police ineptness & brutality is a hurting trauma that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. On January 9th my beloved mother 60 year old Linda Sue Davis of Tamarac, Florida died from multiple (10 + times) gun shot wounds (most notably to her back) by 'trigger happy' Broward County Sheriff's Deputy (BSO) Vincent Ciacciarelli after standing her ground in her home after a deadly altercation with a threatening and unwanted visitor. She was shot dead by Dep. Ciacciarelli in the doorway of her home. During her final mintues alive I was on the phone with my mother during the exchange. Interestingly, Deputy Ciacciarelli is no stranger to the use of insensitive and overexacting excessive force against my elderly mother. Unfortunately, this time it was fatal. Police officers have a special authority that goes along with their powers to take away liberty, and carry weapons, and use force, and that special authority requires a special form of restraint. Please investigate this as a misuse of law enforcement protocol, excessive force, and a violation of Linda Sue Davis' 4th Amendment right! Please sign the petition and stand up for Linda Sue!

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