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Broward County: Do Not Take Our Family Pets Away - Blame the Deed Not The Breed!

Broward County is currently entertaining a county wide ban on Pit Bulls.  

Read article dated 2/21/13 here:

An entire breed of animal should not be banned because of isolated situations. A "pit bull" is an undefined class for numerous types of dogs and each person and animal should be judged individually for their crime. Banning "pit bulls" in Broward County will force families with loving pets to either move or lose their pet. Innocent dogs in the Broward County Animal Shelter will become unadoptable and be put to death for just the way they were born. Banning a breed is not the solution - cracking down on criminals who abuse these poor creatures is.

So if you are one of the millions of people who know the unconditional love these dogs provide please SIGN and SHARE this petition so that we can get our voices heard as a collective front to make Broward County know that this would be a henious crime in itself. 

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