Save the R-5 Zoning and the Nature of our Community

Save the R-5 Zoning and the Nature of our Community

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Why this petition matters

Do we have the right to evolve? Do we have the right to imagine a good future for our kids, learning in great and improved schools? Do we have the right to live within a safe neighborhood, growing and supportive community life? Can the green sanctuary in the middle of our area for generations be kept for the enjoyment of the residents, the wildlife, helping to drain and absorb rainwater, considering a green future? Is the nature of our R-5, Single-family home COMMUNITY to be kept for us?  

Apparently NOT! Not according to the Fort Lauderdale commissioners and the Fort Lauderdale housing authority. ACCORDING TO THE PLANS, we don't deserve these rights. What is on the plans? Fort Lauderdale owns 62 acres in Broadview Park. In the next 5 -7 years, they plan to develop the 62 acres within our community. Fifty acres of them are intended to become housing projects, hosting 800-1000 units. As a start, Fort Lauderdale sold 39 acres to their housing authority for a dollar. However, the proposal has a condition. 40% of these homes must be low income. To do that, they are planning to destroy a natural habitat, beautiful wildlife-rich land that has been a source of joy for generations, and it is one of these rare undeveloped lands which can absorb rainwater. The zoning request is for R-16; once this zoning request is approved, it will open the way for the rest of the lands to be developed into housing projects (it will now be consistent with the "Nature" of our neighborhood). 


We live in an unincorporated area. We don't have a city; with elected officials to take care of us, a town hall we can come to speak in, we are under the grace of development committees. Unfortunately, our children's interests are not on their agenda. Our Broward County Commissioner is Mr. Tim Ryan of District 7. We haven't had the luck to to meet him yet. The last meeting organized by the county Urban Planning Division with the developers and the Director of Fort Lauderdale Housing Authority gave us an intense sensation that our voices should stay quiet and ready to accept our proposed future

Our community is fantastic, composed of simple, hard-working people who care for each other. We host a trailer park and several rehab homes, and a homeless shelter, all within the borders of our small community; apparently, this is not enough. As our commissioners and the people who have the power to determine our future, we are asking you to: 

Say NO to the R-16 exception, SAVE THE NATURE OF BROADVIEW PARK, Keep us R-5. 

1,225 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!