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Lost lives, broken dreams, and crushed hopes. Hazing is a cycle that is justified by longevity and empowered by its impunity. A cycle that needs to end.

The Anti-Hazing Law has not only failed to protect the people from horrors of hazing but has also failed miserably to punish murderers hiding under the sorry excuse of tradition. 19 fatalities since its effectivity - it is the high time to call for an absolute repeal laying down stricter provisions condemning any physical, psychological, social, or financial suffering with regard to hazing.


An absolute repeal of the Anti-Hazing Law on the grounds of the ambiguity of the following sections:

1.    Section 1

o   extend the definition of hazing to encompass indoctrination, baptism, or any other form which MAY BE a prerequisite for admission 

- stating for a fact that hazing should NOT be limited to initiation rites only but to all similar activities that shall inflict physical, psychological, social, and financial suffering whether or not it results to injury;

o   extend the definition of organization to include the community-based, school-based, church-based or similar band of people whether recognized or unrecognized by a higher authority

- bridging the gap that any similar organization shall have no right to perform hazing to anyone; and emphasizing that no organization or any band of people in whatever nature shall have the right to perform hazing to anyone;

o   include that involvement or participation in any activity of the organization shall be a prima facie evidence of membership

- this is to aid the means of gathering evidence in convicting a person who shall deny that he is involved or has participated in the damaging acts of hazing;

2.    Delete SECTIONS 2 AND 3 for it only acknowledges school-based organizations, fraternities, and sororities. 

- violence happens outside the bounds of an institution. While we acknowledge our constitutional right to form association, each is the proper guardian of his own liberty but such liberty ends where the nose of another begins;

3.    Section 4 shall now be read as Section 2 extending the forms of suffering to include psychological, social and financial suffering

o   put more emphasis on the liabilities of the owner of the venue where such acts happened, the involvement of the parents, officers, alumni of the organization, higher authorities, adviser of the organization, provided, they did not exercise due diligence with regard to the hazing conducted therein.

-   magnifying the duties and responsibilities of a person owning a property which is to ensure that NO illegal activity is being held within the perimeters of his property; and emphasizing the role of the higher authorities in rearing the members and guiding the operations of the organization according to the laws of the school and the republic;

o   include the mere act of planning by its officers, members, or alumni of the organization, group, fraternity, or sorority although not present when the acts constituting hazing were committed, be liable as principal by indispensable cooperation.

 -   to further eradicate the damaging idea of hazing by making the mere act of planning itself punishable by law;

o   include any person who attempts or connives to conceal any of the essential elements constituting the offense or the ‘corpus delicti’ to be liable as an accomplice.

-   any person found to have taken part in frustrating the ends of justice shall be held liable for curtailing another person’s right to life.

4.    Section 3 - the law must enjoin all universities, colleges, and higher education institution to institute a pertinent and timely rules and regulations governing organizations, fraternities, and sororities

- emphasizing the pertinent role of institutions in ensuring that all the operations of the organizations, fraternities, and sororities whether recognized or unrecognized by it shall be in compliance with the rule of law; and anyone who shall be found violating the rules and regulations promoting a safe and proactive environment for the students shall be administratively liable.

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