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STOP the UNFAIR and UNJUST parking harrassment of Mid Essex Health Trust employees

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Desipe being charged £17 per month to park at our place of work -Broomfield Hospital; staff face a stressful daily battle to park. Our nightmare starts with the inadequate access road to the hospital, which results in tailbacks in all roads leading to the hospital. It regularly takes 10-15 minutes to reach the hospital mini roundabout, from joining the queues on Main Road Broomfield and Blasford Hill. Sadly this is just the beginning of the nightmare as once we reach the hospital, there are insufficient staff parking spaces available for the number of users and therefore- staff regularly have to drive round and round trying to find somewhere to park. More often than not, the spaces are a 5-10 miniute walk to our actual area of work. Due to the inadequate number of staff parking spaces, after wasting time driving round in vain, we eventually, as a last resort have to park in the public parking areas- which are also inadequate for the numbers of users. Having endured the above stressful events, we are then faced with harrassment, extortionate fines for parking in public spaces (despite this regularly being our only option ) and rudeness from the private parking company, the hospital have outscourced parking management to. NHS employees already face extreme pressure, under staffing, over capacity, under paid and are struggling to survive financially, physically and emotionally. This daily nightmare is adding to our stress and is unfair and inconsiderate. We are dedicated professionals who strive to provide excellent care in difficult circumstances . The very least we should be afforded in return for our dedication is consideration and fair access/treatment allowing us to arrive at work, park and be reassured we wont get harrased and fined whilst going above and beyond on behalf of the trust/patients.

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