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Delay the moratorium, don't vote it down!

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SUMMARY: We request that the Broomfield City Council retain the most powerful tool in its tool chest, a moratorium, and that the vote on the moratorium be delayed.


The Broomfield City Council is planning to vote on a short-term fracking moratorium on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. We have been made aware that the city council may vote against the moratorium based on:

  • The Task Force being formed to make recommendations on oil and gas development in Broomfield.
  • Extraction Oil and Gas verbally committing to a self-imposed moratorium until June.
  • A letter from State Senator Vicki Marble, which stated that Extraction has asked City Council to vote no on the moratorium

We appreciate the need for the task force to be given the time to operate. While voting yes on the moratorium will give the task force time, Extraction's self imposed moratorium does the same for now (if properly defined to include all oil and gas related activities with the city/county including, but not limited to, spacing applications and permits).

However, as YOU, the council stated in the video above, even if we do not use the moratorium as a tool today, we must keep it available as a possible tool in the future. 

WE URGE THE BROOMFIELD CITY COUNCIL TO DELAY THE MORATORIUM VOTE rather than vote against it for the following reasons:

  1. A moratorium is a strong tool in our limited toolkit and it should be used at the time it is most needed.
  2. Voting it down means we lose the ability to easily enact it later as it would take considerable work and time to start over again.
  3. Using it now means the moratorium overlaps with the Task Force and the operator's self-imposed moratorium.
  4. The state Supreme Court left open the possibility of a short-term moratorium to allow municipalities to work through the complexities of oil and gas development within their boundaries. 

SUMMARY: We request that the Broomfield City Council retain the most powerful tool in its tool chest, a moratorium, and that the vote on the moratorium be delayed.

A delayed vote gives the opportunity for the Broomfield City Council to schedule a second reading, and vote on the moratorium, at a later date. It is suggested the best time for the moratorium's second reading may be at the end of May, as the Task Force begins to bring back its research and recommendations.

Thank you for DELAYING the vote on the moratorium, and for scheduling a second reading at a time most advantageous to the community. We would like to ensure the Task Force has the time it needs to present its findings and the community has the time it needs to ensure those recommendations are carried though.

Once the task force concludes, Broomfield will need all of its options available as it works through the recommendations. Hopefully this will not require a moratorium, but it might, and we won’t know until the task force concludes. Voting it down now limits our options. Instead, the moratorium should be delayed while Extraction continues to commit to the council, in writing, its voluntary self-imposed moratorium to allow the task force to do its job.

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