Gender equality in SUNY Geneseo co-ed intramural sports

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The SUNY Geneseo co-ed intramural scoring system is institutionalized sexism that is an unacceptable example for our college to set. The Geneseo intramural scoring procedure awards co-ed teams one point when a man scores but two points when a woman scores. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination based on gender in any federally funded school club, activity, or sport. The scoring system discriminates against women and violates Title IX. This method assumes women will score less frequently and compensates men for the presence of their female teammates, furthering the notion that the female presence on the team is preventing the team from achieving success. SUNY Geneseo offers female-only intramural leagues, so those female athletes participating on a co-ed team are doing so under the assumption that they are competing as an equal member of their team. By denying this right, SUNY Geneseo is furthering a culture of bias that demeans female athletes and negates their achievements by adding an extra point on to each point they earn. We are asking to be treated fairly and are demanding the same treatment as our male teammates. Scoring and success should not be based on the gender of the athlete.

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