Brookmere Subdivision HOA Petition

Brookmere Subdivision HOA Petition

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Deborah Heilig started this petition to Brookmere HOA association members & board


The Brookmere Homeowner's Association, Inc board by way of CMA (Community Management Associates, Inc) has implemented its yearly voting requirements for the election of 2022 board member (officers).

Several of the Brookmere Homeowner's association members have previously requested that the board host a meeting with its members to provide transparency on the assessment billing, current expenses, financial status and the condition of community.  The current board members have not hosted a meeting or provided any written response to its members' requests prior to the currently scheduled December 15, 2021 meeting which includes the election of officers. This meeting has been limited to select questions based on a 'time restricted' online meeting. Current association members have also advised our CMA representative that their communications are not being received.

As a result of the board not providing a response through CMA representative or by directly scheduling a meeting, many association members have not paid the $150 assessment fee that was requested. This action will result in many members not being able to exercise their vote based on the November 23, 2021, CMA letter.


The board has now implemented a condensed voting timeline that does not allow its members to be involved, gain feedback on the implemented assessment, or allow members time to become compliant to be eligible to vote in the 2022 election. 

The current process does not ensure that all members of the association received the communications, were allowed proper time to nominate a board member, were allowed time to become compliant or were allowed time to vote.  The current process also does not address the Association members general operating concerns and questions or include any 'in-person nominations' and/or voting options that were present in voting process prior to COVID. 

  • Unknown - # of days allowed for nomination
  • 8 days - # of days CMA took to mail letter (CMA letter dated 11/23, letter postmarked 12/1) 
  • 3 days - # of days it took for CMA letter to arrive to Association member 
  • 6 days -  # of days Association member allowed to submit questions (December 4 letter received - Dec 10 due date to submit questions to CMA)
  • 9 days - # of days Association member allowed to become complaint with fees (inclusive of assessment) and to submit ballot to CMA (December 4 letter received - December 13 due date to vote)

Petition Request:

As a Brookmere Homeowner's Association member, it is our request that the below items be implemented: 

  1. That the current voting ballots be rescinded, and the current received ballots be disposed to ensure proper participation and notification of all association members
  2. That the Association members are not excluded from voting in the 2022 election for not paying the $150 special assessment (2021).  The Association member must be current on all other HOA fees.  This is a special request based on the current board not responding to the Association members request for details and spending
  3. That the current Brookmere Homeowner's Association Board member host a meeting prior to the 2022 election to address current assessment, budget/expense questions and other Association member concerns.  This meeting should be held in a forum that allows the proper time via online or in-person
  4. That a financial audit be completed for 2020-2021
  5. That the board implement meetings with its members (minimum of quarterly) to provide transparency and ensure that the community is in a financially stable position 
  6. That no change in current board members should occur until a proper nomination and voting process is implemented
  7. That CMA on behalf of the Association members process a new 2022 nomination, ballot and voting campaign that ensures:
    1. all members are notified of voting process by mail (members were left out by CMA email process)
    2. that all members receive the opportunity to nominate a board member 
    3. that the members be given a minimum of 3 weeks to vote for the board/ officers from the date of receipt of the ballot.  
0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!