Stop Open Streets from becoming a permanent fixture in Greenpoint

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• Stop the Removal of more than 1000 FREE street parking spaces
• Keep our kids & Pets in parks and out of the street
• Keep Access roads open to emergency vehicles
• Keep noise and block parties away from our quiet neighborhoods

This is in response to the petition that was distributed in the summer of 2020. Many members of the community feel they were mislead on the original plan, and were unaware that they were signing to completely remove the streets of Greenpoint and turn them into pedestrian-only walkways. 

This petition is on behalf of my neighbors and car owners of Greenpoint, our voices are being silenced and we are getting increasingly worried and upset that we are not being represented in the plans for Open Streets. We have been dealing with Open Streets barriers for some time now, the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. While it was a nice addition to the neighborhood to allow for social distancing, this pandemic is not going to be here forever. There has been a group of community members who have been pushing to make open streets a permanent fixture in Greenpoint, which we are VERY against for the following reasons:

• Driggs avenue is a thru-way and while it has been closed has caused a TON of congestion on Meeker and Kingsland aves.
• Our elderly neighbors struggle to move the barricade to park their cars.
• We have seen ambulances try to navigate the congestion and street closures with lights and sirens.
• We are seeing the trash pile up on the streets due to street cleaners not being able or willing to get through
• Pedestrians cross the street without looking, believing that there are no incoming cars (with or without the barricades up) creating unsafe driving AND walking areas.
• There is less and less parking spaces for what has been a commuter-friendly neighborhood with access to the BQE, along with neighborhood restaurants taking parking for street dining, and meters being installed underneath the BQE.
• This street is rarely used by anyone other than bikers in the existing bike lane, especially being that there are THREE large parks within short walking distance of these open streets.

There was a survey that was posted on flyers around Mcgolrick park with a long link that I can't imagine anyone would stand there and type into their phones, so we made our own flyers with the above reasons with a QR code and placed them on over 500 cars in the areas affected by this. This morning, ALL of the flyers were removed from the cars and larger flyers were taken down.

I am asking you to help us keep our voice, as it feels like we are being silenced and forced into having our streets taken away from us in a way that makes very little sense to the neighborhood and the people who live here.

What are we supposed to do with 1000+ cars that will have street parking abruptly taken away?

This survey is to demand the Department of Transportation runs a legitimate survey that is mailed to each and every resident of the affected neighborhood and we want a public vote on our street closures.