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Ban Squirt Bottles from the dog park.

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For the safety of all dogs and their owners, that any squirt bottle should be banned from the dog park due to it possibly contaning unkown liquid substance that could be harmful to animals and humans.

*On Tuesday July 11th I was at the dog park when I noticed my dog go up to an older woman who was walking in our direction towards a picnic table we were by, to say 'hi' that he has seen before. She immediatley squirted my dog in the face with an unknown liquid substance (which I can only hope was just water) from a squirt bottle as he was approaching her. I asked her if she "could please not squirt my dog". She became aggressivly hostile, pointing the nozzle of the squirt bottle at me in what I felt was a threatening manner with her hand on the bottle trigger. She claimed it was to "keep the dogs away because they slobber" and to "discipline" them.

When I went to the police for help, they insisted there is nothing they can do but protect the bully unless the rules at the park are changed. The Community Service officer left me feeling helpless & told me at one point I was over-reacting & that "If she's there, just leave, that's the simple solution."

The same goes for other dog owners who could have an issue with their dogs being squirted with an unknown substance, wether it be water or something harmful! She has unfortunatley squirted other dogs at the park & has aimed the squirt bottle at dogs - right in front of their owners.

For the safety of dogs AND their owners, please  help me stand up to get the rules changed for dog parks. We can stand up together for ALL DOGS to show this bully, the police, & the city og Brooklyn Park that we will NOT tolerate her or anyone's BULLYING and TERRORIZING behavior with a squirt bottle towards ANY dog or human at dog parks!

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