Disgusting Kangaroo treatment…….. Bourke NSW

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The wife and I passed through Bourke around 1 Pm on 13th June and came face to face with a sight which still haunts me today.

Right in the midst of North Bourke (within town limits too) on the right side and very close to the road was a deeply distressed male Kangaroo. I slowed down to 20 kph and dropped the driver’s side window to get a better look. The old Roo was panting badly and throwing it head back and forth. It tried to get up and staggered and fell down. Up again then down and  kicked uncontrollably about. I could see by the large bare patch of smooth earth it had been there for quite some time….I’d say many, many hours. Truly a sickening sight to see

This gruesome site was utterly appalling that one of our native animals which stand proudly on the Australia Coat of Arms could be downgraded to such a pathetic sight. I also wondered how this animal could have been left there to suffer and eventually die after many many hours -  Located in a BUILT UP AREA with a good flow of traffic and with local’s driving back and forth.

Sure I am well aware there is a drought BUT I think once any animal ventures into town limits –the local council or the wildlife section has – a duty of care. I’d also like to say if I had seen this unfold way out along the road somewhere and not INSIDE Bourke’s built up area – that’s nature and let it take it’s coarse.

Once home I shot a letter off to their local paper- No response!. Then another to the Bourke Council which replied 3 days later-will pass it on. One week or so later...NOTHING!

Surely I am not the only person who thinks if a dying drought effected animal located within a town's built up area should be collected by that Council and dealt with  in a more humanly fashion - Just not left where it lay like a bag of rubbish  

I'd like to email back to BOURKE COUNCIL with signatures that say WE CARE -YOU MIGHT NOT BOURKE COUNCIL BUT WE DO!

Honestly …………….What must tourists think when they see this horrible sight! How could ONE be proud to call yourself an AUSTRALIAN.


I've signed many partitions over the years but never written one myself. Never ever thought I'd have too either. So here's goes and if I get a few signatures I will send it back to the Bourke Council.

I didn't take a photo of the unfortunate animal as I felt pretty sick just looking at it. Further up in Cunnamulla qld which I think is far worse off than Bourke- in a local park I saw 50 to 60 Roos eating away. I took a happy snap instead and listed it. I say good on the local's in Cunnamulla Qld- At least when the chips are down - you care!

I'm not chasing big signatures just wondering really if any-one else thinks like me or am I totally wrong. Now it's up for all to see...and who cares!

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