Audit the overspending on the 100 Neptune Ave site

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 100 Neptune ave. in Brooklyn NY is chosen as the site for the future homeless shelter. However it is is hazardous to the health of prospected residents; it was never used as a residential space, but a repair shop and a car dealership, with possible poisonous remnants.  The space allocated is too small for the projected 170 residents and 60 staff and would not allow residents to have adequate social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID and other infectious diseases, it will not allow them to have privacy or safety. There are also train tracks located directly above the property, exposing the residents to noise and electromagnetic pollution. We feel that the funds allocated for this project, 8.5 Million PLUS cost of remediation to make this space habitable, much less, comfortable, is extremely frivolous spending considering the city budget deficits. Our homeless community deserves permanent, safer, more appropriate conditions that will allow them to begin the road to their own habitat.