We Demand the Immediate Resignation of Xenophobic BK District Leader LORI MASLOW

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Dear Chair Bichotte,

Brooklyn Democratic Party and you have remained quiet despite calls for the permanent resignation of District Leader Lori Maslow, who continues to represent over 130,000 Brooklyn residents, despite her anti-Asian xenophobia, dehumanizing Palestinians, and calls for the killing of All Palestinians under the guise of religious scripture. 


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You got your facts backwards. Palestinians kill Jews. Think we are going to stand there and let that happen? We value life. They don’t. Never again. And as the Bible says, and you shall wipe the children of Amelek off the face of the earth. Period. Shoot or kill us, we respond
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Lori Maslow's behavior is unbecoming of any leader, of any party. You and your local party have long criticized Trump and the Republican party of bigotry, now you have an opportunity to show how you confront such situations yourselves.

The fact that District Leader Lori continues to represent the 41st Assembly District is sickening, you must demand her immediate resignation from District Leader and State Committee, a ceremonial VC officer resignation is not enough when she continues to hold two party leadership roles. In addition, while you have condemned the anti-Asian comments we also call on you to explicitly condemn the dehumanization of Palestinians and the pain felt by many by her statements.

For the largest democratic organization in the country to remain silent from calling for a xenophobe's expulsion and resignation, is a disgrace to the immigrant essential workers who have kept this City running during COVID-19. The Asian and Arab communities of New York have faced enough pain, and stigma for decades. 

We ask that you will quickly respond with the appropriate actions becoming of Brooklyn, a borough with hardworking immigrants from around the world, striving for a better tomorrow for their families and communities. They certainly do not deserve genocidal representation.