Give Cafes, Bars, and Restaurants Real Policy Tools to Survive the COVID-19 Disaster!

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Dear friends, neighbors, fellow restauranteurs, and bar owners,

I am Charlotta Janssen, Owner of Chez Oskar in beautiful Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. I am urging you to join me in petitioning our local elected officials to take action to protect and save our restaurants, bars, and cafes! We want to serve the community we love, safely. 

We know we are not alone. Business as usual was suddenly shut down on March 16, and business owners across the City had to adapt: provide hand sanitizer, gloves, and masks, install air ionizers, only do delivery and takeout service, etc. 

Knowing how difficult things are for our first responders, we provide to-go/delivery service and hospital trays to feed first responders, doctors, and nurses. 

As the City and State seek to reopen the economy, we are counting on our representatives to enact real relief for small businesses! The rebound of our economy is going to rely on New Yorkers coming out and patronizing businesses. 

In order to protect restaurants, bars, and cafes, we urge the New York City Council or the New York State Legislature, depending on the appropriate body, to pass and implement:
1) Cap all third-party delivery platforms at 8.9% (like sales tax). We commend Council Member Moya for his bill Int. 1908-2020 that aims to set the cap at 10% The current rate is 30%, and it is suffocating us
2) We need rent vouchers or relief for restaurants and other small businesses
3) Utility vouchers for restaurants and other small businesses
4) Grant emergency sidewalk cafe permits for bars, restaurants, and cafes. Expanding access to outdoor space is vital to safe and responsible operations
5) Establish clear reopening guidelines and protocol for bars, restaurants, and cafes, informed by the community

Please help us serve you safely and save small businesses across the City! Sign this petition to support small biz, and share with friends, family, and colleagues! We all need each other!