Support the Putterham School Site!

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We want to let you know about the exciting new developments in Brookline's efforts to solve the overcrowding in our schools. ​

First, a big step towards solving this problem was taken on May 8th when the voters of Brookline passed the debt exclusion to expand Brookline High, which will address space needs at Brookline High School and give all residents updated gym facilities and Cypress field. 

Now we can turn our focus to ensuring our K-8 students also have adequately sized classrooms and common spaces.  Currently, the town needs at least 36 more K-8 classrooms to solve overcrowding.

This past fall, former interim superintendent, Dr. Joe Connelly, led a process to take a fresh look at possible sites - including some new options--for adding classrooms and common spaces.  This Thursday evening his team presented its final report, including a new site that deserves a close look: ‘Putterham.’   

At the Putterham site, a new school with at least 27 classrooms can be built.  This​ site is a town-owned parcel at the western edge of the municipal golf course.  

The Putterham site for a new K-8 school is a breakthrough in solving the K-8 space puzzle because:

  • It adds the most classrooms, for the least amount of money, in the shortest time-fra​me, with the least disruption in student learning.
  • It is a large, town-owned parcel;​
  • Due to a required land swap to allow for development on town-owned land, it would mean the creation of a new town park to be enjoyed by all residents.
  • The comparatively low total cost and short time frame means the town can continue to make progress on Pierce's and Driscoll's needed renovations / possible expansion as quickly as possible.

The Select Board, School Committee and Advisory board are seeking public input.  We you urge to support the new school at Putterham by signing the letter below to our Select Board and School Committee.  Then come to the June 6th hearing and voice your support there!  



Dear Chair Wishinsky, Chair Pollak, and members of the Select Board and School Committee,

​The path to enlarging our school buildings to fit 1,700 more students has been long and difficult. The town is finally moving forward quickly.  The high school expansion has been funded. Now, we need to move ahead on solving our k-8 overcrowding.  

The next step is to move ahead with a new K-8 school at the Putterham Site. This site will provide us with 27 more classrooms in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest cost, with the least disruption to students.  Most importantly, it will substantially ease the crowding in all our schools, while creating a wonderful new school community.

Please vote “yes” to move ​into the Putterham site forward.