Ask Brookline School Committee to Add Climate Change to Curriculum

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Caitlin Bould
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People might know how Climate change is a huge issue, and becoming worse. Some students are not sufficiently learning about it before high school. Although we might know that climate change is a problem, often we don’t realize how serious this problem is, or have any ideas how to help. If middle or elementary school teachers do teach about climate change, they do this on their own initiative, which is usually too brief and not very effective or memorable. They mostly teach about the problems, and not enough about solutions. When they do give tactics to help decrease the contribution, those tactics seem to not be significant or important enough for most students to take seriously. We believe that Brookline’s School Committee should require teachers to teach about climate change as part of the curriculum and standards of the state’s education to raise student awareness in grades 5-8. Teaching more about relatable solutions would make this problem seem less intimidating to the younger grades, and adding projects could help give students a better opportunity to contribute in making a change. Having this unit involved with a weather or climate unit would be ideal. So far, we as an 8th grade class has conducted a survey of other students about their awareness, interviewed science teachers, met with local activists and a town meeting member, reviewed the state’s science curriculum, and researched additional information. We believe that other students could do similar things, even in a smaller time threshold. Changing the standards of the curriculum to incorporate facts and solutions for climate change could increase the chance of reducing Brookline’s contribution to the issue and raise the number of people trying to prevent it.

Yes, I want to convince the Brookline School Committee to add Climate Change into the science curriculum, so I am signing this petition!