Petition against the proposed 5 storey development - 233 Welsby Parade, Bongaree

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2 blocks of land have been marked for a proposed development on Bongaree waterfront. A 5 storey, 10 unit development which has the potential to set a dangerous precedent for future development along the waterfront of pumicestone passage.

This development will be a highly visible eyesore immediately from crossing the bridge and has the potential to cause access issues for Bongaree residents during construction due to trades parking and heavy equipment required at various stages of the build which will be ongoing for a long period of time.

Immediate residents to the area will be forced to endure significant disruption due to noise and dust/dirt entering their properties, also potential loss of privacy and street appeal of smaller stand alone housing.

This type of housing does not fit with the current lifestyle the residents of Bongaree currently enjoy and due to its location at the entrance to Bribie, could potentially project a poor image of the future direction of development on the island.

We, the signed members of this petition do not believe this development should be approved for these above mentioned reasons.