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Justice 4 Pruett

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An 8th grade English/History teacher is being blamed for something she was not  a part of. In this 2016-2017 Computech Middle School's yearbook, on this teacher's , Kari Pruett's, recognition page in the yearbook, the Confederate flag and KKK symbol was shown. Though the program to construct the yearbook was run by another teacher at the same school and by two of that teachers student, Kari is still being blamed. Kari Pruett is receiving threats on her twitter, and yet the students who created the page are not being punished for creating the page, when they know what these flags stand for. The teacher in charge of these two student, obviously had to check if the yearbook needed to have changes. This teacher did not do a very good job with this, making Kari Pruett suffer undeserved consequences. Kari Pruett did not contribute into making the year book, and had not known that this these things were on her page, until she was called in for an interview. Though there are only two days of school left, we can still make a change, Kari Pruett could be at risk of getting fired while suffering these consequences. This has not only become a public problem in the city of Fresno, but has also reached as far as Los Angeles and San Francisco. We can make a change, though we might have little time, this could affect the future for the school and more importantly Kari Pruett.


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