Create a Dog Run in Morris Park, Bronx

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This proposed dog run can primarily address two problems in our community. 

1. There are many dogs in the Morris Park section of the Bronx and it is difficult to socialize them with other dogs because there is not a dog run within walking distance for most people. No designated space for dogs leads to dog waste on sidewalks and in street tree planters because unfortunately not everyone picks up after their pet.   A centrally located dog run will create a convenient place for owners to relieve their pets, as well as socialize them.

2. As is being reported in many communities, Morris Park residents can struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation, particularly our many seniors.  Dog runs help people build a routine and sense of community.  Dogs bring comfort to their humans who might tend to isolate and serve as an ice breaker for strangers to interact.

The proposed location: Loreto Park.

Loreto Park is a New York City park that sits on one full city block in the heart of the Morris Park section of the Bronx. 

We are gathering support to repurpose the southeast corner of the park near Van Nest Ave and Tomlinson Ave to use as a dog run.

Here are some great reasons the location is ideal for a dog run:

  • The space is currently underused.
  • It is located in Morris Park Business Improvement District and could increase foot traffic.
  • There are lots of dogs in the neighborhood that could benefit from exercise and socialization.
  • There are no other dog runs within walking distance.
  • It is already enclosed with adequate fencing on 3 sides.
  • There are already benches for people to sit.
  • The existing concrete bocce ball court can remain as an obstacle for dogs to run around.
  • The area is shaded by trees to help dogs and people stay cool in the summer.
  • There is water access close by.

We are collecting signatures to show support for the idea to Community Board 11, elected officials and the Parks Department.

Thank you for your support!