50/50 shared care of my children

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Since february 2017 my 2 young boys have been kept from my care. The judges rulings were based on 36 counts of perversion of the course of justice, witholding evidence, tampering with evidence, domestic abuse,false allegations, extreme parental alienation.

To date there has been no evidence provided that proves any claim & no evidence to justify the supervised conatct that has now been stopped. My children's true wishes were not considered or sought as all parties acted with the intent to keep them from me. Any true wishes they did make were ignored.

I make no claim I cannot substantiate with professionally created evidence & my only reason for taking this step is for my children so as to bring a stop to the emotional abuse they have and are still subject too.

I ask for 50/50 as my children have been through enough & there is no reason why they cannot have both parents. 

Thier human rights and thier legal rights within the child protection act and welfare checklist have been appallingly breached and abused. They have rights and a right to a future free of emotional harm