Eden park coach service

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Eden park high school have taken the extreme measure to take away the coach service they were providing their students, based primarily on them taking residence at ravensbourne school due to Eden Park not even Being at the first stage of building. The parents were told and received written confirmation our children would receive free coach travel to and from school while they were at ravensbourne school, which for some students, is over an hour away. The schools headmistress is now claiming that this wasn’t the case and have taken the draconian steps to take the safety net away from dozens of children. On talks with the headmistress she was flippant with any concerns the parents had and would not entertain the requests for a group meeting to discuss this. The school set out the coach travel would be stripped a few days before the Easter break, distressing the children before their well earned break. 

Parents have been manipulated and tricked into accepting a school that many did not put as a choice for their children based on the ethos and values they set out.

Eden park high school refuse to hear the concerns of us parents and are ignoring calls and emails of many who wish to discuss this with them