Ask Bromley Council to keep their promise to lone refugee children

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Bromley Council must honour their promise to care for small numbers of unaccompanied refugees – a promise made by every other London council who committed to help together.

In 2013, every local council in London pledged to take in some of the children who arrive in the UK with no family after fleeing war zones like Syria or Sudan. But Bromley Council have broken that promise by suddenly pulling out of the agreement.

The reasons Bromley Council have let down the rest of London and children who desperately need support are unclear. They only announced the decision in small print buried in lengthy council end of year accounts. When quizzed, the Leader said it was due to cost.

Yes, central government cuts make it tough for councils to pay for children’s services, and there has been no significant change in funding provided since the agreement was made. However, every other council in London has made it work, as they recognise their responsibility to offer sanctuary to incredibly vulnerable children. In fact, Bromley is financially better off than many of the other London councils who are still managing to stand by their promise.

Please help us by calling on the Leader of Bromley Council to keep their promise.

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Bromley residents can also attend the council meeting, to be held at Bromley Civic Centre at 7pm on 15 July to put pressure on the council.