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Petitioning Broken Arrow Public Schools

Add sexual orientation to thier non-discrimination policy

Personally, this is highly important for many reasons.  Not only does this addition apply to me, but there are many other students currently in the school who apply to this.  While this may seem minute, but excluding sexual orientation is conditioning these individuals to believe that it is okay to be discriminated and it teaches everyone else that it is acceptable to discriminate others.

Letter to
Broken Arrow Public Schools
As a school, their first concern should be the student's well being and safety. In many schools, discrimination is nothing less than a norm. Whether it invovles race, religion, ethnicity, color, gender, age, or sexual orientation. The issue is, all of these are covered in Broken Arrow Public Schools Notice of Non-discrimination with the exception of sexual orientation.
Now, what does that say? Pehaps that it isn't important tenough to protect? In our society today, differing sexual orientations are common. Maybe not everyday, but there is most definitely less of a stigma placed on these differences.
Broken Arrow Public Schools have the responsiblity to stand up for their students and protect them as individuals. This addition, in no way, would infringe upon anyone's religious beliefs or convictions.
This is not about religion. It is about equality and protecting the students against any and all discrimination .