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Please Help Asphodel-Norwood Youth Bring An Impressive New Skate Park to the village!

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Brody and Blake Graham, two Asphodel-Norwood Youth are passionate about expanding the skate park in Norwood, Ontario.  They feel the current skate park is too small and overcrowded to serve the increasing number of children wishing to use it. With the popularity of this multi-billion dollar sport growing exponentially, the need for a larger concrete park has become increasingly evident.

A larger skate park is crucial for the children in the community who cannot access organized sport due to financial constrictions. Access to affordable recreation results in proven savings in health, social service and justice costs.  Providing a positive space for young people (such as a skate park) is a constructive way to produce a happier more vibrant community. Helping Norwood's youth build this skate park also helps to combat an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Our culture is sadly taking outdoor play away from young children through excessive TV and computer use, unsafe neighborhoods or busy and tired parents.  

Public skate parks provide healthy activity for kids and help eliminate boredom and drug use.   With youth addiction services identifying the most common reason for drug use as boredom, it is absolutely imperative we do our part to battle this statistic. Providing designated spaces for positive activities - like an improved skate park -is the best way to curb unlawful behavior among youth. The misconception that skate parks are a hotbed for crime and other criminal activities will, in turn, remain a myth. Helping the children of the community achieve this skate park dream can only intensify their sense of ownership. This will result in more respect from local users and lessen the risk of vandalism while positively contributing to the cultural heritage of our village.

As a community we understand that we need to support our youth in their pursuit of active healthy lifestyles. A public skate park reinforces our community's investment in our children. This in turn will attract new residents to our community. A professionally designed skate park will also attract out-of-town visitors to spend money within the community; thus allowing  our community to prosper and grow.

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