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Stop Supporting Elephant Abuse!

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H&R Block Australia's most recent advertising campaign features a live elephant. The ad was filmed in Thailand using a "trained" elephant.

Elephants used for entertainment in Thailand and elsewhere are trained through beatings and the constant threat of physical punishment with weapons such as bullhooks – sharp metal-tipped rods resembling fireplace pokers that can leave painful welts, abscesses and puncture wounds on elephants' sensitive skin.

Many elephants used for entertainment in Asia are believed to have been captured illegally in the wild and separated from their mothers and families as babies, an extremely traumatic experience for these social and family-oriented animals. Others are born in captivity and live in chains when they're not being used. All are deprived of the opportunity to fulfil their most basic needs, such as roaming vast expanses, choosing companions and remaining with their family members.

PETA has made H&R Block executives aware of how Asian elephants are trained by sharing this disturbing video. Yet H&R Block Australia has refused to remove the ad or accept that it has acted irresponsibly in the ad's production.

Please take a minute to write to H&R Block Australia and tell the company that exploiting elephants is not acceptable!

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