Continue with the Current Special Education Model @ BCS!

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Administration in the Brocton Central School District is planning to change the Special Education model for the upcoming school year. This change will affect children with an IEP. The plan is to begin to utilize a consultant teacher to "push in" to the general education classroom. All children will then sit through the general education instruction; those with an IEP will then receive guided study time in a separate location with a consultant teacher. However, at this time it is still undecided what amount of guided study time these children will have, the scheduling committee won't decide this until June 23rd. In the current model, many of these children have benefitted from going to 15.1 classroom, where the special education teacher instructed these children at their level and at their pace, for 90-120 minutes each day. As you can see, this is a drastic change for the children that need these services the most.


Teachers haven't been fully informed as to how this new model will work and no training has been done; yet they are expected to make it all work come September. Many parents haven't been notified of the change to the model that will affect their children. We need to stop this process for the upcoming school year so that a better, more definitive plan is put into place for the children that need special education services.


Please strongly consider contacting the school to discuss the change to the special education model, be informed and then come to the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, June 18th at 7:30 PM to advocate for these children. "There is no more powerful advocate than a parent armed with information and options." -- Rod Paige, Secretary of Education


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