Homeless Shelter In Brockville

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Brockville, a city of 22,000 people, should not have a housing problem. However, homelessness is an issue that is affecting many people in Brockville. It continues to increase for many different reasons. Lack of jobs in the community, lack of affordable housing, the ever-increasing use of substances that have flooded our city and lack of appropriate help for those struggling with substance use and mental illness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rising cost of living in Brockville has been an ongoing issue, and the need for low-income housing is steadily increasing. 

To take a walk or drive around our city is heartbreaking. We have people taking shelter in the parks or sleeping on benches clutching their belongings. We are also seeing tents popping up in wooded areas, under bridges, and in high-density areas. We see this happening, and we know something has to be done about it. The best alternative to the growing problem of homelessness is a homeless shelter that is staffed by supportive, educated staff in collaboration with social service and other community agencies. Caring citizens of Brockville want a shelter for the health, wellness, and safety of both the people who are experiencing homelessness and the residents of the area. 

Our neighbours to the south, in the United States, are also experiencing an increase in homelessness. Sadly, in many areas, especially small towns and rural areas, "tent cities" are popping up, and those areas and are not sustainable. This is not something that we want to happen in Brockville nor is it something that should be happening.  Physical buildings are safer than tents. So while the minimum public health recommendation is to allow "tent cities," a building is a much better solution.

"Housing First" methods and programs are increasingly being used by homeless shelters, social service agencies, and municipalities across North America. The primary goal of this method is to first place people who are experiencing homelessness into a stable shelter and then provide the necessary services that support these individuals in a safe, research-based, sustainable manner. 

A shelter in Brockville would be a safe way to help individuals stay off the street and work towards stability, sustainability, and a hopeful future. With any social service, it is important to meet the needs of the people where they are. Please sign this petition to show your support for a shelter in Brockville and help put an end to homelessness!